A sustainable place

At Hotel CieloAstur we are very aware of the environment and enjoy it in a 100% responsible way. That is why we are committed to a way of doing tourism and activities in nature that are non-intrusive and sustainable.

In addition we are aware of the high tradition and hobby that there are in these areas to carry out routes both by mountain bike and road bike, both alone and in groups, and to enjoy the villages and the environment that they are finding; And we wanted to contribute our bit to this hobby, putting at your disposal a space where cyclists can stop, rest and replenish their strength, in addition to washing and/or repairing your bike.

Rent your E-Bike

For all this we wanted to create this space “Bike Friendly”, where we also offer the option of renting electric bikes for those who want to enjoy the environment in a sustainable way but do not have bicycles in that place. Enjoy our latest model e-bikes so you can make exciting routes around the environment and enjoy it in a different and very fun way!!

Our bikes are the latest model of CUBE Acid Hybrid One, electric, for greater comfort and enjoyment of our customers.


Do you join?